Unless you have experienced chronic back pain at a pain level of eight to ten on a scale of one to ten, you can't imagine what it feels like to wake up in the morning and have NO backache whatsoever. I am happy to report that I know that feeling. I am a spinal cord injury from an automobile accident…Read More

    Michalynn Wagner

    When I started the pain management program I felt as though this program was designed to benefit the clinic (WolMed).  As I started working the program, utilizing the staff, and started caring for my well being, I took on the attitude that I and no one else could make me better.  Group therapy and…Read More

    Carmencita Mathis

    I started going to WolMed on February 9th. When I got here, I was in bad shape. I could not stand up straight on a walker and cane. After two surgeries and a lot of determination, I now stand solid, but I want everyone to know because of Dr. Ed Wolski and all the staff including: Jeff, Sharon, and J…Read More

    Robert Groves

    I had a good time working out every day with the other people and staff.  I hope I can find myself a part-time job to get out of the house and back into the work force.  This has been good for me.…Read More

    Benny Tischler

    I went through chronic pain management program in 2011.  I was able to stop heavy narcotics due to my work injury through the councelling and techniques taught to me in the program.  I was able to find supplemental work to augment my income.  The group councelling really helped me a lot and it go…Read More

    Lance Tollifson

    The program has helped me considerably with my strength and conditioning. I am able to continue making the "dream catchers" I provide to D.C.C.A.C. for the abused children. This is a very important part of my life. While I understand that I will probably be in pain the rest of my life, WolMed has he…Read More

    Bruce Waggoner

    On June 14, 2012, I suffered an on the job injury, resulting in partial amputation of two fingers of my right hand. I had surgery that morning and went home in bandages and pain. After a few weeks at home, I received acute therapy at a facility near here. They did a lot of good to me until my wound …Read More

    David W. Boyd
  8. Thank you

    To all the doctors and staff at WolMed I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a fresh start. I arrived with so much pain and walking with a cane. I am now cane free thanks to them. Thank you everyone for bringing my smile back.…Read More

    Toby D.