Unless you have experienced chronic back pain at a pain level of eight to ten on a scale of one to ten, you can’t imagine what it feels like to wake up in the morning and have NO backache whatsoever. I am happy to report that I know that feeling.

I am a spinal cord injury from an automobile accident in December of 1973. I am one of God’s miracles to be ambulatory even though I have all the other things that go along with the spinal cord injury. Just about three years ago, I started experiencing the chronic debilitating back pain. There was just a little relief from chiropractic adjustment and massage therapy. The relief was very short lived.

Thanks to the pain management program at Wolmed, I am actually pain free for the most part. If I “overdo”, I can be back to severe pain. I am still trying to figure out the point of “overdoing”. I have been able to throw away the narcotic pain medication. I don’t need my cane. There has been a side benefit of losing 30 pounds. I feel so much better physically that has translated to feeling so much better about me.

Starting the program was not easy as I was pretty much sedentary with the pain. The second and third week of therapy I was wondering if I was going to reap any benefits from the program. The fourth week is when everything came together. Was I ever surprised! I was hoping that the pain level would get to at least a five. Pain free is considerably better than a pain level of five.

The physical therapy, water therapy, occupational therapy, and group therapy all played a key role in the success of my program. The staff is well trained, professional, and there to keep you motivated, moving, and to deal with any issues you may be having.

Thank you so much, Dr. Wolski and staff, for giving me a second chance in life. I promise to keep up what I learned and to live as well as I can.


Michalynn Wagner