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Whether you carry mail for the United States Postal Service or mow the lawn at a federal government building, suffering a debilitating on-the-job injury may mean you qualify for compensation benefits through the federal workers’ compensation program. WolMed, a top-tier pain management and injury rehabilitation practice with locations in Dallas and Denton, Texas, specializes in the treatment of work injuries for federal employees. If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and you’re a federal employee with a job-related injury, call your closest WolMed office or request your appointment online today.

OWCP/DOL/Federal Workers Comp Injuries

WolMed’s workers comp clinics in Dallas and Denton, TX specialize in the treatment of work injuries for federal employees.

Why is it important to seek medical care with a Department of Labor expert?

Physicians who provide comprehensive care for federal employees with work-related injuries have specialized training that goes above and beyond the training required by state and local workers’ compensation programs.

The Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) is run through the Department of Labor (DOL) and requires special forms for reporting work injuries, such as CA-1 and CA-2 forms, aggravations to existing work injuries, work status reporting CA-17, and claims for benefits. Federal workers’ comp doctors must also be able to accurately document injuries as required by federal law.

Your doctor must be a DOL expert in order to get you all of the specialized help you need. Poor documentation of DOL work injuries can have devastating effects on an injured employee’s ability to receive benefits during treatment.

What types of treatment are available at the work injury clinic?

WolMed takes a multidisciplinary approach to injury and pain management that relies on the guidance and expertise of a team of health care professionals, including medical doctors, pain management specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists, among others.

The team at WolMed’s federal work injury clinics in Dallas and Denton provide the following treatment options to injured federal employees:

  • Physical rehabilitation and musculoskeletal strengthening therapy
  • Trigger point injections, epidural steroid injections, and other joint injections
  • Pain management, including nerve stimulation therapy and aquatic therapy
  • Medication and case management
  • On-site digital X-Rays and an on-site diagnostic lab

How will a DOL physician assist my workers’ comp case?

When you work with a physician who’s also a DOL expert, you’re far less likely to experience problems getting treatment for your federal workers’ compensation injury because the DOL wants injured workers to get well and return to work. As long as the DOL receives your complete medical history and correct forms in a timely manner, they won’t stand in the way of necessary medical treatments. WolMed DOL doctors are experts in:

  • Prescribing treatment that helps you get better
  • Providing complete medical narratives
  • Filling out required forms
  • Getting your traumatic injury claim accepted (CA-1)
  • Getting your occupational disease claim accepted (CA-2)
  • Getting previously denied claims accepted
  • Helping with COP (continuation of pay)
  • Helping with your claim for compensation (CA-7)
  • Filling out your duty status reports (CA17)
  • Schedule award impairment ratings using the 6th Edition AMA Guides
  • Getting upgrades of your medical conditions accepted
  • Getting recurrence of injury claims accepted (CA-2a)

Federal Workers Comp injuries require specialized training by the medical doctors that goes above and beyond the training needed for Texas Workers Compensation injuries. Federal Workers Comp through the Department of Labor (DOL) requires special forms for reporting work injuries, such as CA1 and CA2 forms, aggravations to existing work injuries, work status reporting CA17, claims for benefits and more. Federal workers’ comp doctors must be able to accurately document injuries as well.

Poor documentation of DOL work injuries can have devastating effects on the injured worker’s ability to receive benefits during treatment.

As long as the doctor is a DOL expert, injured workers generally won’t have problems getting treatment for their federal workers compensation injuries because the Department of Labor wants injured workers to get better and they won’t stand in the way of necessary treatments. They just need complete histories and correct and timely forms in order to do so.

Your doctor must be a DOL expert in order to get you all of the specialized help that you need.

Regardless of the type of injury you may have experienced, our Federal Workers Comp Experts will get you the treatment you need to get better and back to work.


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