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Whether you’re trying to recover from a traumatic injury or you’re dealing with chronic pain, the last thing you need in your life is additional stress. Because restoring optimal health can be a complex, multifaceted process, the team of experts at WolMed, a first-rate pain management and injury rehabilitation practice, provide comprehensive case management services for all their patients. WolMed serves patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area from two convenient office locations in Dallas and Denton, Texas. Call or request your appointment online today.

Case Management Q & A

What is case management?

It’s not unusual for people who are affected by a chronic illness, chronic pain, or a traumatic injury to find themselves focusing on little more than managing their day-to-day symptoms. Chronic care case management is a valuable service designed to keep your entire medical team fully engaged in managing your overall health by simplifying your care and providing increased, personalized support.

The service includes a comprehensive, individual care plan that takes every aspect of your health into account. It also includes ongoing communication between you and your primary physician at WolMed, as well as the physical therapists, chiropractors, or pain management specialists you might see.

If you’ve sustain a work-related injury or were hurt in an auto accident, your case management may also include comprehensive help with your workers’ comp case or help with personal injury documentation.  

What is medication management?

Case management includes providing oversight and coordination for all of your medications, including tips to help you better manage your medications on your own. Effective medication management can drastically decrease the likelihood of problems that commonly affect patients who take multiple medications.

The overall goal of medication management is to ensure that every patient receives individualized, whole-person care that emphasizes safe, effective, and appropriate drug therapy.

In addition to providing a comprehensive review of your current medications to identify side effects, drug interactions, or other potential drug therapy problems, medical management services may include:

  • Ensuring that you know how to administer all of your medications
  • Developing a comprehensive care plan to prevent or resolve medication problems
  • Monitoring, documenting, and evaluating your response to medications
  • Eliminating any unnecessary medications, or reducing dosage when appropriate

How can case management benefit my health?

Patients living with chronic pain, illness, or injury who have coordinated, ongoing care and who receive the education they need to make the best choices for their health are more likely to:

  • Report feeling better overall
  • See an improvement in their health-related quality of life
  • Experience fewer sick days from either physical or mental issues
  • Experience less fatigue, shortness of breath, pain, stress, depression, and sleep problems
  • Benefit from improved communication with their health team

Effective case management services can also help you save money, both by eliminating unnecessary medications and helping you avoid emergency room visits and hospitalizations.