Joe Turner, DC

located in Denton, TX

About Dr. Turner

Dr. Joe Turner is a 2008 graduate from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX. Prior to joining WolMed, he ran a wellness practice in Flower Mound since his graduation. Dr. Turners primary focus has been on sports injury and performance optimization. Dr. Turner is certified in Acupuncture by the American Society of Acupuncture. 

Before his Chiropractic career, Dr. Turner spent 26 years in the Computer Industry having held numerous technical and management positions, including COO and CIO. He held an Executive position with Microsoft Corporation as the Regional IT Manager for North America until 2002. He left that position to open a martial arts school in Flower Mound as a semi-retirement venture. That blossomed into a full-time business that continues today and is run primarily by his wife and youngest son. It is the martial arts that led him to learn more about the human body and sent him back to school to be a Chiropractor. 

Dr. Turner is a veteran of the United States Air Force, also holds a PhD in Computer Science, is a 7th Degree Master Black Belt in American Karate, with two other 4th Degrees, and member of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame, inducted in 2003. He was married to his lovely wife Gaylene in 1991, they share 5 children together and are grandparents to 3 beautiful grandsons. Dr. Turner and his wife currently reside in Lake Dallas, TX.