Aaron Jackson, DC

Chiropractor located in Dallas, TX

About Dr. Jackson

Dr. Jackson prides himself in taking a patient-centered approach to therapy and challenging the patient to do his or her best every session.  He loves rehabilitation in the pain management setting having experienced it first as an intern in Fort Worth in 2017. He graduated in December 2017, and has been working in an integrated setting ever since in Arkansas and now back in Texas, having joined Wolmed in November, 2018.  Before attending chiropractic college, he worked as a radiographic technician for ten years.

Dr. Jackson’s interests in therapy include hands-on therapy, radiologic interpretation, exercise design and implementation, taping and diagnostics.  He is certified in Activator chiropractic technique and is a certified human movement specialist from the Brookbush Institute.

His personal interests include playing tennis, walking in the park on a beautiful day, window shopping, playing guitar and listening to all music.  He writes and reads frequently and enjoys sampling new foods from all over the world throughout the DFW Metroplex. His passion outside of medicine is traveling and learning about foreign cultures.