Why Medical Weight Loss is a Great Option for Achieving Your Goals

Medical Weight Loss

Being overweight isn’t just about aesthetics. Carrying excess weight negatively impacts your health and increases your risk for numerous chronic diseases, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and even some types of cancers. Millions of Americans try to go it alone in their weight loss attempts, and some manage to slim down, at least initially.

Permanent weight loss is complex and requires key components to maintain a healthy weight. People who enlist the help of a professional weight loss specialist lose more weight and keep it off longer than those who don’t.

Here are some reasons why a medical weight loss program can put you on the path to lasting weight loss.

We eliminate the guesswork

Reaching your goals with WolMed is simple and safe because we take the guesswork out of the process. Your journey starts with a body composition assessment, health analysis, and relevant medical tests. We use this information, along with a detailed medical history, to get a clear picture of how to address your needs and best help you reach your weight loss goals.

This information helps uncover issues, such as hormone imbalance, that may otherwise make it challenging to lose weight. We can then address any underlying issues to guide you through safe and effectively weight loss.

Professional support keeps you on track

Did you know that a person who receives outside support along their weight loss journey is more likely to lose a meaningful amount of weight long term? That’s because support is a key component to reaching and surpassing weight loss goals.

Making permanent change is a difficult endeavor, but the support of a specialized medical staff can make a major difference in slimming down and staving off weight regain. You’ll receive encouragement and positive reinforcement to keep you on track to make the progress necessary to reach and maintain your ideal weight.  

You can expect to attend weekly follow-up meetings throughout your weight loss program. This is a time to check in and ensure that you remain on the right track. We can suggest changes if you hit a plateau or are struggling with any of the components of the program. Knowing that you have a medical professional in your corner every step of the way can make all the difference when it comes to lasting weight loss.

You get the right tools

It’s difficult to achieve permanent change without the right tools. Through our medically-supervised weight loss program you’ll receive tools and resources to make the right food choices and change your thinking patterns related to food that can contribute to weight gain.

We have tools to help you overcome obstacles to weight loss that you don’t have access to on your own. For example, we can prescribe an FDA-approved appetite suppressant to help control your appetite so that you stay motivated and stick to a nutritious meal plan.

The tools and resources you receive through the WolMed Medical Weight Loss program will help you navigate your daily eating habits, whether you’re eating at home, dining out, or are away from home on vacation. You’ll have the tools to handle cravings, control portions, and choose healthy options every step of the way.

Our program is designed just for you

At WolMed, we understand the importance of an individualized approach to weight loss. Your provider will personalize the program to fit your individual needs, personality, and lifestyle to help ensure that you successfully meet your weight loss goals.

Our physician-supervised weight loss program is an effective and proven way to shed pounds and keep them off in the long run.

To learn more about how our program can help you meet your goals, call one of our two convenient locations in Dallas or Denton, Texas, to schedule a consultation. Or you can make an appointment using our convenient web form.

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