The Benefits of a Multidisciplinary Approach to Pain Management

The multidisciplinary team approach to patient care has been a valuable part of medicine for decades and focuses on the patient-first philosophy for health care. If you’ve ever had surgery requiring a hospital stay, you’ve seen this in action. Your surgeon, general practitioner, physical therapist, nurses, and other healthcare professionals all participate in your recovery.

The multidisciplinary team approach is also something that occurs just about daily in other aspects of your life. Consider, for instance, your need to hire a plumber, electrician, carpenter, and painter when you’re doing an extensive home remodel. Each “specialist” contributes invaluable skills to the finished project. It’s the same with pain management at WolMed.

Your pain, rather than a home remodel, becomes the focus of the medical doctors, chiropractors, and nurse practitioner who make up the team at WolMed. Each contributes valuable expertise to the goal of relieving your symptoms, addressing the underlying condition causing your pain, and enhancing your ability to live an active and healthy life.

Balance is key in successful pain management

Relief from your discomfort is certainly a major aspect of pain management. However, simply stopping your pain is not adequate for effective treatment.

When you’re in pain, your physical activity is often greatly decreased. Joints, ligaments, and muscles can all tighten and stiffen through disuse. Your gait or stance may shift in order to compensate for the pain, which can throw your spine into misalignment. Even your nutritional well-being can suffer as it becomes harder to shop or prepare healthy foods.

If, for instance, your knee pain resolves with pain meds or a steroid injection but the other pain-related issues aren’t addressed, your pain will return and/or move into other areas of your body. That’s why pain management at WolMed takes a balanced, multidisciplinary approach to your treatment.

Pain conditions we treat

The conditions we treat for pain here at WolMed are as varied as the individuals who come to see us, and may include:

Our multidisciplinary approach to pain management

Because we take a holistic, patient-centered approach to pain management at WolMed, your treatment depends upon the underlying cause of your pain and the effects it has had on your health. We consider you the team lead in your pain management program and focus heavily on shaping your treatment to meet your needs.

Your therapy may include:

WolMed is also accredited by CARF – Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. To receive CARF accreditation, considered the “gold standard” in pain and injury rehabilitation, our team at WolMed underwent a rigorous evaluation of our services, business operations, and patient outcomes. Like other CARF-accredited facilities, we operate at a higher level of excellence than non-accredited clinics in order to maintain their rating, which provides another layer of benefit for obtaining multidisciplinary pain management here at WolMed.

The advantages of multidisciplinary pain management are numerous and available at both WolMed locations, in Dallas and Denton, Texas. Call us today for an appointment.

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